Regulatory Reforms


Key Regulatory Reforms – NC Real Solutions

A number of key reforms passed since 2011 provide Real Solutions for businesses and families and helped North Carolina create more than 260,000 jobs since 2013. 

2015 Reforms

North Carolina finally reformed its broken fee-for-service Medicaid system in 2015 and rescued the program from financial ruin to produce revenue surpluses.

North Carolina Medicaid $181 million under budget

WXII News Triad, February 2016

2013 Reforms

Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 (Session Law 2013-413) – This law crated more certainty in the business regulatory climate by requiring that state regulations match federal regulations and not move beyond them. This reform streamlines the regulatory process to remove expensive and duplicative compliance costs. It also requires that state regulations be reviewed every 10 years and be resubmitted.

Domestic Energy Jobs Act (Session Law 2013-365) – This law moves to diversify energy production in North Carolina and promote economic growth and employment. This law authorizes the Mining and Energy Commission to study rules pertaining to a comprehensive environmental permit for oil and gas exploration, including the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The law also encouraged the Governor to develop a Regional Interstate Offshore Energy Policy Compact with the final goal of offshore drilling.

2011 Reforms

Medical Liability Reform (Session Law 2011-400) – The General Assembly passed this law which expands access to care and will attract scores of new medical jobs. Under the former system, North Carolina doctors were forced to administer expensive and unnecessary tests and procedures. The high cost of that defensive medicine is then passed on to consumers in the form of higher insurance costs and to taxpayers in the form of costlier taxpayer-funded medical programs for the poor.  A 2004 article by the John Locke Foundation discusses medical liability reform.

Regulatory Reform (Session Laws 2011-13, 2011-84, 2011-186, 2011-262, 2011-394, 2011-398) – These new laws clarify and simplify some of North Carolina’s confusing and outdated regulations, making it easier for citizens and businesses to attain permits and rely on more predictable guidelines. State agencies have added or changed more than 15,000 rules over the past decade, many of which create uncertainty in the private sector and impede job creation.

Tort Reform for Businesses and Citizens (Session Law 2011-283) – This law helps protect North Carolina business from worthless junk lawsuits.

Annexation Laws Reform (Session Law 2011-396) –This long-overdue, comprehensive annexation reform the legislature passed will keep municipalities from forcibly annexing private property and saddling residents with the high costs of hooking up to municipal services. This is the first time North Carolina’s annexation laws were reformed in more than 50 years.

Unemployment insurance reform in 2011 produced a “tax cut bonanza” for employers, and North Carolina created 263,000 new jobs since 2013.